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  • Playback: Director Vanessa Engle discusses 'Love You to Death': A Year of Domestic Violence

    Love You to Death: A Year of Domestic Violence  

    Renowned Director Vanessa Engle in conversation with Clare Paterson, Commissioning Editor, BBC Documentaries.

    BBC Media Action now has the agreement with BBC Factual to feature relevant Playback sessions on ilearn. These are informal creative sessions run by BBC Factual – and range from 'Behind-the-Scenes' with programme-makers, 'Masterclasses' with acclaimed directors as well as inspirational guest speakers from outside the BBC. Playback also host Technical and Digital talks with specialist speakers covering everything from cutting edge kit to the latest digital trends.

    This session features Vanessa Engle, a renowned UK Director in conversation with Clare Paterson, Commissioning Editor, and BBC Documentaries. They are discussing Vanessa’s recent documentary: ‘Love You to Death: A Year of Domestic Violence’.  The documentary tells the story of seven women who have been killed in the UK as a result of domestic violence. It is a harrowing film.  It names all 86 women killed in the UK in 2013 and reveals the untold human stories behind the statistics through interviews with families, friends and neighbours, who recall in detail the stories of seven of them.

    In the insightful discussion, Vanessa tells Clare why she felt compelled to tackle this difficult but important topic and the challenges of bringing these women’s stories to the screen. The session covers some very interesting areas for BBC Media Action: interviewing technique for sensitive subjects, structuring storytelling, research process, role of crews in sensitive programmes, use of music, taste, informed consent and the role of Editorial Policy.